The kennel ''Eledi Grace'' was registered in the FCI in the year 2000, but I bought my first Italian greyhound, Gracijs Lori de Klaridad, much earlier, in 1993. I have always loved royal noble dogs.

 When I was 18 and my parents allowed me to buy a dog, I chose a Great Dane. It was an excellent dog. He had excellent results in the show rings and at the trainings. At one dogs how, where the Great Dane was shown in the Veteran class(at the age of 10), I saw an Italian greyhound for the first time. There were only a few Italian greyhounds in Latvia. Nevertheless, I saw my first Italian greyhound and took the dog in my arms - and I still can't let it go. I was lucky. The first dog, bought by chance at the dogs how, can rarely grow up to be an excellent show dog. Gracijs Lori de Klaridad appeared to be not only an excellent show

dog, but an excellent stud dog as well. In 1995 I lost my Great Dane and I started seriously thinking about buying another Italian greyhound, a bitch, to start serious work with the breed. I was looking for the bitch for a very long time, because I had no possibility to bring an Italian from abroad, but in the former Soviet Union most dogs were relatives. So I bought a 2-year-old bitch, Certu Rozite, and careful breeding of Italian greyhounds started. In 1996 I got the first litter. There were two bitches - one of them went to Estonia, kennel ''Bravo Biccolo'', later the other went to Canada. The puppies were of rather high breed quality. Nevertheless, I wanted to have dogs of even better quality, to compete at European dogshows. Thanks to recommendation of a sighthound expert form Germany, I could buy a male, Pizzigotto vom Pellerschloss (Vertragus Quingi x Maruzella vom Pellerschloss), breeder Scuotto & Lohmann, kennel ''vom Pellershcloss'' (Germany). This dog radically changed the breed in Latvia. Pizzigotto appeared to be an outstanding stud dog; his puppies are able to compete not only at the local dogshows, but also abroad, as much as even to win in Group 10. One of these puppies is the bitch Latoja El-Grace, a daughter of Pizzigotto and Certu Rozite, born in the kennel. She is the first representative of the Sighthounds Club of Latvia, who became FIN CH. She got the title at the big competition, having won at the dogshow ''Finland Winner- 2001'' (open and champion class).
Now dogs of my breeding live in 28 countries around the world. The majority of them have a successful SHOW career. Dogs of mine breeding have the following champion titles: International, German, Austrian, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Baltic States, Finnish, Russian, RKF, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Ukrainian Grand, Slovakian, Slovak Grand, Slovenian, Czech Republic, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish , Serbia and Montenegro, Moldova , Italia , Italian Junior , Polish Junior, Slovakian Junior, Italian Junior, Latvian Junior, Estonian Junior, Lithuanian Junior, Baltic States Junior , Russian Junior, Moldova Junior, Ukrainian Junior ..... and VICE WORLD WINNER-2013 , EUROPEAN SIGHTHOUND WINNER-2013,VICE JUNIOR WORLD WINNER - 2013, EUROPEAN SIGHTHOUND JUNIOR WINNER -2013, VETERN WORLD WINNER - 2017 .....!
I shall be very happy if you will like my dogs and my breed!


Italian Greyhound Kennel "ELEDI GRACE"

Gobas 22 - 30, Riga,
LV-1016, Latvia

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